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Waverly Hills Sanitarium
Louisville, Kentucky

Sanitariums are perhaps the creepiest of the haunted hospitals. When you combine the paranormal with mental deficiencies and insanity, you have a recipe for some scary telling. 

Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Louisville, Kentucky is one of the most popular haunted hospital locations in the United States. It's reputation is one of desolation and sickness, disease and death.  The Sanitarium was built in 1910 to quarantine people who were sick with contagious lung diseases like tuberculosis. When it was finally closed in 1961, over 63,000 patients succumbed to their condition at the Waverly Hills hospital, making it a primary facility in the Louisville area.


waverly hills sanitarium, kentucky - america's most haunted hospital


The death tunnel, or body chute was originally used to transport construction materials to and from the hospital's building site without having to take the circular road up to the hospital with trucks. Later, the chute was used to transport bodies of patients who had died. The tunnel allowed undertakers to bring the bodies down from the hospital out of view of the rest of the patient windows and sun rooms. It was felt that this helped to keep the moral up for those fighting the ravages of TB.

There are stories about nurses who worked at Waverly Hills, of doctors that hung bodies to drain them, of the haunting of the body chute and morgue area. There have been shadow balls rolling down hallways and some rooms more prone to mysterious paranormal occurrences. 

Room 502
The Girl on the Third Floor
Lady in Chains
Children on the Roof Terrace
The Boy with the Ball


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