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The Last Exorcism

More than a few reviews of the latest faux documentary The Last Exorcism have popped up since the film's release. Some are crying foul, while others shout kudos. The newest fake-umentaries are a style that doesn't always sit well with all audiences, but there are certainly plenty of fans to keep this style alive a long time. 

Here are a few of the reviews for the film The Last Exorcism -

... Judging by the tight security at The Last Exorcism's Canadian premiere at Fantasia and Alliance Films' infrared cameras pointed at the audience throughout for reaction shots for an intended Paranormal Activity-like marketing campaign (which has yet to be seen, by the way), one would think the film is some kind of genre-defining masterpiece. And it almost is.   read

... Over the past couple of years, there has been a slew of "Blair Witch"-style movies that appear to be reality. Movies like "Cloverfield" and "Paranormal Activity" market themselves as footage that was found at the scene of a crime or after a giant disaster. Like "The Last Exorcism," these "faux documentaries" are a genre of film in a league of their own, exposing moviegoers to a new style of creativity and a new type of terror. In order to be even remotely convincing as real footage, the casts for these films have to be full of fresh faces. By having these new actors in films like this, the believability factor goes way up.    read

... read

... read


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