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Ghosts 101 
Back to Basics 

The one question I'm consistently asked is about the different kinds of hauntings.  People want to know if ghosts are all the same, or if their haunting "styles" are the same, etc.  Well, let's go back to basics and take a look at the different kinds of ghosts and hauntings. 

Part 1 - Location

There is no type of environment that has not been reported haunted, from churches to inns, from factories to high-rises, from ancient buildings and old old houses, to cemeteries and museums.  No place is off limits.  

The one place people usually think would be a very haunted spot is cemeteries.  Graveyards strike people in this way, one would suppose, because the population of a graveyard is dead bodies.  

Contrary to popular belief, cemeteries are great for light anomalies and shadows, but hauntings are rare.  You usually hear of a single entity like Resurrection Mary at Resurrection Cemetery - Chicago. 

Graveyards lack one very important element of a haunting.  They lack energy.  Nothing is alive so they don't have beacons to follow.  The light of the soul or energy of a living human is what beckons spirits to come out.  

What, you may ask, is the difference between a graveyard or an old old house energy wise? Let me explain it this way...

The graveyard contains no energy.  Yes plants, trees, etc, but soul energy is lacking. 

An old house contains the energy imprints and memories of those who have lived there.  Good or bad, negative or positive, energy is left as time passes. 

It seems, from shear numbers of incidents, homes/ houses are the favored place to haunt.  A place the person may have died, or had very fond memories.

At times you can run into a spirit who's reason for haunting a particular location is due to  a negative occurrence.  Places of murders have seen both the victim and perpetrator haunting a location.  

Guilt, it's theorized, is one of the main causes of a haunting.  Guilt over an act, or a life wasted, etc.  While the other main cause of a haunting seems to be attachment to a home, a place where the spirit felt comfortable and safe.  Ghosts will retreat to that place in their passing without even realizing they're dead.  Often, in a house haunting, a medium can help to move the ghost to cross over, if they are ready to do so.

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Part 2 - Types of Spirits

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