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Part 2 - Types of Hauntings

After all these years of ghost hunting and spirit chasing, we're really no further ahead than the spiritualists of the early twentieth century.  

Yes, we have assorted evps that still aren't counted as "hard evidence".  We have the occasional video or photograph that shows something, but the field of paranormal study is so open to interpretation, that it mostly relies on personal experiences to define it.

From the accounts of those many many people who are sure they have had a paranormal experience, it seems to break down something like this - 

More and more, those of us studying this field for many years are coming to the conclusion that orbs are usually a dust mote, insect or other such floater, but not paranormalities. Some hold fast to their orb pictures, but it seems in general, they aren't considered evidence of a haunting.

(Shadow people are a whole other article.  I'll be adding it shortly, but for now, lets consider that many of us who have studied them feel that shadow people are not "ghosts" per se )

People report having seen everything from a misty glow to a full body apparition.  People have reported hearing everything from a whisper to a scream.  

Being touched, hair pulled, skin chilled and things thrown at them; all of these have been reported.  Even up to and including a haunting that was the basis for the movie The Entity, which suggested spectral rape.

In any discussion of types of ghosts, we have to be careful with the term "demon".  There are many, often from Christian points of view, who believe all hauntings are demons.  Those of us who have psychic experience, know this to be untrue.  The vast majority of hauntings are of people who seem to be unaware of their status as dead.  Usually completely harmless, although mischief isn't an unknown to many of them, especially child spirits.

Ghosts have also been seen in the manifestations of electricity fluctuations, noise anomalies and other indications than visual. 

For now, even the "proof" we think is proof, can be tossed off by skeptical scientists.  Not that we have anything to prove, but the paranormal remains just that..."outside the normal"  For now, "absolute proof" is still in our future.

With the wonderful digital and high def equipment that is available today, we'll begin to see more and more possible paranormal images and audio in the future.  Perhaps with all the teams out there working to capture proof on image or sound, we get closer and closer to closing the book on the skeptics.  

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