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Is Shreveport Municipal still haunted?
It was June 26th, a Thursday night and as soon as we stepped foot into the building we were already feeling the presence of dead people. 


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Are Ghosts Real? 
People want to believe.  Not only would proof positive give them a confirmation of life after death, but would cement those who have a deep faith in the power of the soul. None of us want to believe that this is all there is. 

Haunted Long Island
I grew up in Bayville, Long Island, NY, as the eldest psychic child of a very strong psychic and medium. (Of course, we didn't talk about those things, back then).

Ghosts from Down Under
If you decide to visit down under, and Australia, New Zealand, and New South Wales are on your itinerary, check out some of the most haunted sites in that part of the world. Despite the fact the history in those countries is relatively new (like Canada) compared to the United Kingdom for example, the hauntings are strong and numerous.

Haunted Highgate Cemetery
Highgate Cemetery is perhaps one of the most actively haunted cemeteries in the UK. Highgate serves as the final resting place of a long list of famous people including Douglas Adams, Karl Marx and Radclyffe Hall. Highgate Cemetery boasts ghost sightings, vampires, aliens and botanical splendor. 

Graveyard Investigation
I am a psychic and a paranormal investigator (ghost hunter). My previous job was TV production executive, and we were doing a paranormal TV show with a local psychic. She wanted to do a Halloween episode and tape it in a local graveyard, talking to some of the childrens' spirits who had not crossed over yet. This took place about 2 weeks before Halloween.


Ghostly Tourism on Oregon's Coast
There is a whole other side to the Oregon coast: one that's shadowy, elusive and full of paranormal mystery. Ghosts on Oregon's coast - and other paranormal rumors - are a growing segment of tourism that's a ways below the surface. 

Ghosts and Orbs   
In the paranormal community a belief in ghosts is pretty common place. If they are, or if they have a connection to, "orbs" seems to be divided. Numerous photographs seem to exist showing both phenomena. 

Haunted Hospitals 
Ghostly institutions and asylums for the afterlife - do hospitals really hold more spirits than other places? Do ghosts haunt the last place they remember?

Haunted Cemeteries and Ghosts in the Graveyard Visit haunted cemeteries all over the world; Britain, America, Canada and many other places where ghostly graveyards capture the attentions of ghost seekers.
Popular -  Dartford Cemetery      
Lafayette Cemetery
Highgate Cemetery
Curl up with a warm blanket and hot mug of tea while you read ghost stories, both true and fiction, that will send chills up your spine. Or try these old fashioned favorite ghost tales
Popular -  The Night My Sister Died     The Red People     Bell Witch

Ghost Children Of San Antonio
The story was largely unfamiliar to people outside of Texas. In 1949 a school bus filled with children stalled as it tried to climb a small grade on the tracks of a rail road crossing. 

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St. Augustine A Ghostly Encounter
The exploration of old inns, especially those with a history of haunting, has always fascinated me. I made the three-hour drive from Tampa to St. Augustine on a chilly morning in January.  

The moving coffins of Barbados
The story of the Chase Vault coffins in the burial vault in Barbados is a fascinating one. There are some variances in the stories, but generally its agreed that the coffins were in different positions each time the vault was opened, despite there being no way for anyone to enter the vault and move the coffins. 

Ghosts at the Old Sheep's Inn
The old inn, situated on the outskirts of London, proved to be a very eerie place to investigate for ghosts, if our research proved true. The inn has always been a public house since it was first built in the late 18th century.  

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Austin Ghost Tours
Downtown Austin is full of old, historic buildings, many of which are said to be haunted by a multitude of ghosts. Austin Ghost Tours has meticulously researched the history behind each legend, and has created walking tours based on the colorful and sometimes frightening stories of Austin's past.

Waverly Hills Sanitarium
A hospital devoted for decades to treating patients with tuberculosis, echoes the past, with more than its share of paranormal activity. A favourite for ghost investigations.

Old Montreal Ghost Walking Tour  
I was ready to head to my next scheduled activity: a ghost tour of Old Montreal. Old Montreal Ghosts or Les Fantomes de Vieux Montreal was founded about 8 years ago by a local Montrealer, Eric Poulin.

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The Georgetown Castle - A Paranormal Investigation
The Georgetown "Castle" is located in an old industrial, red light district of Seattle, WA. A large 3 story, Victorian style home, was reportedly built in 1903 by Peter Gessner, who was a gambler and blackjack dealer at the famous Central Tavern in Seattle's Pioneer Square District. 

Haunted Baltimore: Prowling for Phantasms in Fell's Point and Beyond
A man moves into a house on Lancaster Street, Baltimore. One day, he decides to take down the previous owner's kitchen curtains. He takes out a wobbly stool and steps up to remove them.

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Superstitions - Mirrors and Number 13
Superstitions have been a part of our everyday life since the beginning of time. The basis for these beliefs has its source in fear. They've been with us since the dawn of time, and although they've undergone many changes they remain with us today. And there's no sign of them dying out any time soon.

Ghostly Tourism on Oregon's Coast
There's a whole other side to the Oregon coast: one that's shadowy, elusive and full of paranormal mystery. Ghosts on Oregon's coast - and other paranormal rumors - are a growing segment of tourism that's a ways below the surface. You've got to look a bit beyond the beautiful beaches and touristy shops to find this.

Ghost Talk - EVP Helps You Hear Them Talk
When I began ghost hunting almost 15 years ago, I was in awe of the information I had at my discretion. There were many different authors from years past that wrote books on ghosts and how they detected them that I was surprised I had information to follow. 

Haunted Ships and Sailing Ghosts
With so many legends and myths, experiences and pirates tales, one can hardly discount the possible existence of shipboard ghosts and haunted boats.

Heceta Head Lighthouse
To get to Heceta Head Lighthouse from Portland, Oregon, you have to drive along highways of incredible vistas.  The Pacific Ocean and the rugged shores of the Pacific Northwest, some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.  

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